Our Community Services | Home of the Innocents

Taking care of kids in a community that’s always taken care of us.


The Home works to improve lives throughout our community, not just through residential care. We give vulnerable children, families, and young adults the opportunity to access services that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Our community services help with the transition to independent living and adulthood by providing a healthy environment for young adults to become successful parents, and for family relationships to move into a better place.

Our Community Services — for children and families not living on our campus — provide Louisville and the surrounding area’s children with even more than hope.


We provide the kind of care and education that can make a difference in a young person's life.

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Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health Services program offers therapy for children who have mental and behavioral needs.

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Parents Acquiring Skills and Strength (PASS)

The goal of the program is to prevent child abuse and neglect – educating parents to break the cycle.

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Safe Exchange

The Home facilitates a safe exchange of children between parents dealing with domestic violence.

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Aquatic Therapy Center

The pool at Home of the Innocents is open to the public, offering a wide selection of services for both children and adults.

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