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Taking care of kids in a community that’s always taken care of us.

Safe Exchange

Separation between two parents is never easy—especially for children. Through our Safe Exchange program, the Home allows for managed exchange of children between parents with a history of, or potential for, domestic violence.

The Home’s facility serves as a safe, neutral site for regular custody exchanges to spare children from witnessing ongoing strife and further victimization. The program eliminates contact between parents using staggered arrival and departure times. Safety of participants is further ensured through on-site security personnel.

The program, now in its 11th year, served 231 children and 324 parents last year. Averaging over 350 incident-free custody exchanges monthly, no incidences of violence have occurred.

We can’t alter how parents’ relationships impact children, but we can make their lives safer and ease some of the pain commonly associated with custody exchanges.

For more information about Safe Exchange, call 502.596.1278.