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They share your hopes and dreams. Even if they don’t share your eyes.

Foster and Adopt

Fostering and adopting changes lives forever. It just might be the most important thing that ever happens to some of the children in the Home.

Foster families are needed to care for children and teens throughout Kentucky. Foster care is temporary care for children and adolescents who cannot safely remain with their birth families.

Foster parents come from all educational and financial backgrounds. It all starts with a desire to help and the willingness to provide patience and love to a child in need.

Don’t put it off any longer — change a life.

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Therapeutic Loving Foster Care

The Therapeutic Loving foster Care (TLC) program partners children with “Teaching Parents” who share their hearts and homes with children until they can return to their parents or are permanently adopted.

When you decide to become a TLC Teaching Parent, you’ll join an extended family of other parents and childcare professionals who provide a caring and knowledgeable network of support.

Teaching Parents receive:

  • Specialized training and preparation.
  • Access to ongoing parent support groups.
  • Access to ongoing training.
  • Twenty-four-hour on-call assistance.
  • Scheduled “free” time from fostering.
  • Competitive foster care and adoption reimbursement paid monthly.
  • Access to integrated care services via Open Arms Children’s Health.
  • Outpatient and in-home therapy and case-management services.

TLC Teaching Parents are considered individually, regardless of marital status. Our minimum requirements include being at least 21 years of age, in reasonably good health, financially stable, and having adequate living space for children.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out our referral form. Contact the numbers below for more information, or email us today — there’s no place like your home!

Louisville: 502.596.1313

Elizabethtown: 270.300.7831

Lexington / Northern Kentucky: 859.669.9220