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Send a message of love.

Make a Difference

It’s hard to put into words the impact donors have on the Home — and our gratitude for them. Our donors save and transform our children’s lives.

From the financial support that provides the Home with the best professional staff and modern equipment, to donations of everyday items most people take for granted, donors are our lifeblood.

There are a number of ways donors can help the Home. Legacy gifts that will last long past your own lifetime; one-off donations and recurring monthly gifts; the cost of a night of care at the Home; all the way down to donations of goods and clothing that cover life’s practicalities. You can even order donations through and save yourself a journey to the Home.

You can learn all about becoming a donor below. However you want to do it and however much you want to give, that message of love will be heard loud and clear.

Want to see how your donation is helping the Home? We’d love to give you a tour. Call us at 502.596.1025 to schedule your visit today!

Night of Care Club

Donations in increments of $175 that represent nights of care for kids in shelter.

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The Home Team

Recurring monthly gift program to support our kids all year long.

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Leave a Legacy

Information on planned giving.

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Wish List

A list of in-kind donations we update seasonally with our most-needed items.

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