How the Home Has Changed Me - Home of the Innocents

How the Home Has Changed Me

Home of the Innocents resident

July 11, 2017

Recently, children in our residential shelter had an essay contest. The topic was How Home of the Innocents has changed me. Below is the winning essay. 


I have been at Home of the Innocents since March 6, 2017. When I first got here, I struggled with expressing myself and interacting with people. My first day here was a handful of a day. I realized for the first time in life, that acting a fool in life isn’t going to get you anywhere.

The staff who come to work here every day really love us and their job. Being here I’ve also learned it doesn’t take blood to make a family. When you’re down and out the people that work here are by your side and won’t leave till you’re up again.

I used to think there was no hope, and that no one cared about all the things that I have been through, but being here I have people that truly do care. There are staff like Ms. Carmella, Ms. Ryann, Mrs. Amelda, Mr. Andrew, Weinberg staff, the Cafeteria Ladies, and all the House Supervisors and Program Managers who would drop everything in a second if you were in a crisis, or if you need help. You don’t usually get those people in your life. Being here and with these people I’ve decided I wanted to go to college and make something of myself.

I no longer want to run and hide and bottle up my emotions. I want to be free and be mad and not be afraid. Home of the Innocents is a real life changer. This place is slowly helping me be able to let people in and love again. Before it was hard due to all the lies people told me and all the people leaving and giving up on me. But these people are different. They don’t give up on you. They work with you to make it better.

I admit, sometimes this place is a little much, but I know everyone is just trying to help you succeed, complete treatment and get out of here to live a normal life.

I really thank this place a lot for everything they’ve given me. They’ve given me a home, food and a family. Just when I thought I was alone, I’ve got a place full of people rooting for me to cross the finish line. I finally see something positive. Most of all, I finally see that I have a future ahead of me.

I really want to thank Ms. Taylor. She is very inspirational. She challenged me somewhat. But she’s really caring and she always there for you. I consider her, and most of the staff, a part of my family.

I recommend this residential home to someone because it really helps and they will give you their best to help you. But, one thing I’ve learned is you also got to work with them for this to work. Because, if not, then it’s going to be a struggle.

Don’t give up, because Home of the Innocents will help you. You just got to open up. Don’t be scared, it’s all going to be okay.