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Taking care of kids in a community that’s always taken care of us.

Project Keepsafe

Sometimes parents need to find a safe place for their children while they tackle their other issues. The Home is that place.

Project Keepsafe provides parents who have few resources an opportunity to voluntarily place their children in residential care at the Home, so they can seek treatment for alcohol or drug dependency and mental or physical illness. This enables the parent to work on saving themselves and their family, while providing for the safety and well-being of their children.

In addition to shelter, children receive meals, clothing, toys, medical and dental care, recreational activities, and access to our extensive backyard play area. Each child receives a thorough assessment and age-appropriate counseling or therapy. If the child or children are of school age, arrangements are made for them to remain in their own school, eliminating an additional unnecessary disruption.

In its 13-year history, 95 percent of the families participating in Project Keepsafe have been reunited. The program helps families get into a far better place, creating long-term outcomes that are a source of great pride for the Home and our staff.

For more information about Project Keepsafe, call 502.596.1221.