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Taking care of kids in a community that’s always taken care of us.


Most parenting is learned through experience. How parents were treated when they were young is often how they treat their children. That’s not always a good thing.

The Parents Acquiring Skills and Strength (PASS) program is now entering its second decade and has helped hundreds of parents. The goal of the program is to prevent child abuse and neglect — educating parents to break the cycle can prevent many such incidents.

The program uses the “Nurturing Parenting Program” curriculum to offer parent education, self-help, and support groups for all families in our community. Class members may include those who may be looking for new parenting skills to deal with the tough job of raising children in a healthy environment; those who are parenting while coping with stresses such as single parenting, leaving domestic violence, divorce, parenting sober for the first time; those who are raising grandchildren or may be at-risk and have some involvement with the Department for Community Based Services (also known as Child Protective Services).

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For more information about PASS classes, please call 502.596.1303.