Program Spotlight: Therapeutic Loving foster Care

Rachael Victoria, Marketing Intern

November 29, 2017

Home of the Innocents’ Therapeutic Loving foster Care and Adoption program (TLC) partners children with “Teaching Parents” who share their hearts and homes with until the children can return to their parents or are permanently adopted.

Knapmeyer, TLC program supervisor, shared some updates on their program, including two recent adoptions!

“One boy, who has been in foster care since he was 8 years old, is now getting adopted at the age of 13, by two first time foster parents. He came from an abusive home and has finished our trauma based therapy and is doing very well.”

“We have a group of siblings, ranging from 2 to 9 years old, who have finally found their forever home. They are moving to Utah with their foster mom, where they will get a new start to life, complete with their own bedrooms and new schools. It is a really exciting time for all of them!”

TLC recently hosted their support group Thanksgiving pot luck dinner with all of their foster families. They are now getting ready for their holiday party, where Santa will join them and bring presents!

If you would like to help TLC care for foster care children, please consider donating items off of Home of the Innocents wish list, found online found here.


If you would like to become a foster parent and help change a child’s life. Please visit our website for more information.