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Paige’s friends need your help!

Morgan McLaughlin, Development & Special Initiatives Manager

December 14, 2016


This year, Christmas is different for me and my mom. I don’t live at Home of the Innocents anymore. My mom got better and now we have our own apartment! -Paige, age 8

Paige was one of the thousands of children Home of the Innocents cared for last year. Her mother struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years. She wanted to get treatment but was afraid she’d lose custody of Paige since she had no family who could keep her. Thanks to the Home’s Project Keepsafe, Paige’s mother was able to successfully complete her treatment program and be reunited with Paige.

Because of your support, Paige was cared for by Home of the Innocents while her mom was admitted to an in-patient rehab program. Your donations made sure she had a meal every day, a safe, clean bed to sleep in, got to school and spent time with friends. Her mom did her part, and we did ours. Now we are confident they will spend the rest of their Christmases together.

There are many more children who will need our help in the coming year, but we can’t do it without you. Make your gift today to help sustain us in the coming year.