Winter 2016 Donors

Thank you to all of our donors whose support allow us to remain the open arms to kids in crisis in our region. List is updated quarterly.

Click here to view our list of tribute donations.


Commonwealth of Kentucky
Kosair Charities

$50,000 - $99,999

Metro United Way
Ms. Beverly Tway Wagner

$25,000 - $49,999

The Coalition for the Homeless Inc.
Delta Dental of Kentucky
Flexible Packaging Professionals, Inc.
Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government
State Of Indiana
U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
WHAS Crusade for Children

$10,000 - $24,999

Alden Donor Fund
The Champ Foundation, LLC
General Electric Employees’ Community Fund
Independent Pilots Association Foundation
The Daniel Pitino Foundation
Zoeller Company

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. P. Thomas Bizzell
Estate of Rebecca D. Browning
Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dentinger
Glenda and Gordon Ford Foundation
General Electric Foundation Matching Gift Program
ICAP Energy, LLC
JBS Company
Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore
Padgett, Inc.
Rite Aid Foundation
Ms. Kerstin Schuhmann
Yarnell Family Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Jean B. Zehnder

$2,500 - $4,999

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky
Mrs. Edith S. Bingham
Combined Federal Campaign – IN, KY & Southwestern OH
Trust and Estate of O. H. Irvine
Mr. A. Harcourt Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kepnes
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn P. Spears, III

$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adams
Dr. S. Pearson Auerbach
Mr. Ken Berry
Bigelow Tea
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brun
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Case
Ms. Barbara Beard Castleman
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Catron
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Dudley
Ms. Cynthia L. Emig
Mr. Gene P. Gardner
H. Sattler Plastics Co.
Wanetta & Joseph Hagan, Jr. Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Henderson
Mr. Hubert N. Hoffman, III
The Humana Foundation
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Kroger Community Rewards
L&N Federal Credit Union – Employee Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Means
National Christian Foundation Kentucky
New Hope Services Inc.
New Zion Baptist Church
Ms. Remy Noble
Passport Health Plan
Ms. Kathleen Pellegrino
Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky
Rees Scientific Corporation
John H. Schnatter Family Foundation
Simons Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Springfield
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Staples
Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Mrs. Janis S. Theurer
Vertner D. Smith, Jr. Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Vieth, Jr.
Walmart Neighborhood Market Store #3841
Walmart Supercenter Store #497
Rev. Suzanne M. Warner
Ms. Joni Way
Mr. and Mrs. Maury Young

$500 - $999

Sidney Anderson Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Begle
Mrs. Anna Bhikha
Bonnycastle Club
BorgWarner Foundation
Mr. Richard Casey
Dairy Kastle
Dietrich & Company Equine Insurance
Do 502
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dodrill
Earl’s Brake and Alignment Service
Honorable Order of the Blue Goose
Isha, Inc. – Subway Shop
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Laborers’ International Union of North America No. 576
Louisville Lodge #8 BPO Elks
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. McChane
MetroFirst, LLC
Mint Julep Tours
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Montgomery
Mrs. Dianne M. Scheer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Snowden
Sullivan & Cozart, Inc.
Mr. A. Michael Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn White
Ms. Barbara Williams
Ms. Nuray Yasayanlar Willins

$250 - $499

Bank of America Merchant Services
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Baron
Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc.
John and Taffy Beam
Ms. Robin Goodman and Ms. Lydia Bell
Ms. Carol R. Brassine
Mr. Matthew Burkley
Cardinal Uniforms and Scrubs
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Christensen
Mr. Joseph L. Conely, II
Ms. Eleanor Cooper
Mr. Richard S. Cummins
Ms. Elona DeGooyer
Ms. Rose Drennen
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ehnes
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Foster
General Electric United Way Campaign
Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Glassman
Mr. Dexter W. Green, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Hackmiller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Haunz
Hebron Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hensley
Ms. Gaby Hereld
Hertzman Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Gregory P. Karem
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kleier
Landrum Community Charities Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lubbers
Mills, Biggs, Haire & Reisert, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Morton
Mr. John Neace
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Nixon
Mr. Michael W. O’Neal
Mr. Robert L. Penick
Mr. Carl F. Pollard
Mr. Todd L. Rine
Sanders Farm Service LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Powell Spears, IV
Mr. and Mrs. John Clay Stites
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Townsend
Trinity Presbyterian Woman
United Way Of Greater Philadelphia and SNJ
Ms. Rooney Woods

$1 - $250

Ms. Colleen Abate
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Abell
Mr. Raymond H. Adams
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Hank Allgeier
Ms. Dianne Allison
Allstate Giving Campaign
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Rosemary V. Anderson
Mr. Timothy Anderson
Ms. Susan Andriot
Assured Partners NL, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ballantine
Mr. Dominic R. Barbato
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Barkley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Barlow
Ms. Megan Barriger
Mrs. Carole J. Batcheldor
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bauer, Sr.
Ms. Alice Belknap
Ms. Jyoti Bhatnagar
Mr. and Mrs. Giampaolo Bianconcini
The Bibb Family
Biggins Bridle Bunch Youth Group
Ms. Lauren Bisig
Mr. Howard W. Blackburn
Ms. Judy Blair
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Blodgett, Jr.
Ms. Trina Blunt
Mr. and Mrs. Blake H. Blythe, Sr.
Mrs. Joyce Booker
Ms. Natalie Bowen
Mrs. Cecil Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brewer
Mr. Michael Brill
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Brit
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Brittain
Ms. Megan Brooks
Ms. Donna Broughton
Buchanan Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Buchheit
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Buckler
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Burnley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler
C&I Engineering, Inc.
Ms. Gina K. Calvert
Mr. Ernst Camentz
Mr. William H. Camp, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Campbell
Ms. Kathleen Campbell
Mr. Brian M. Cann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Cappo
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carcione
Cardinal Health Foundation
Carpet Specialists, Inc.
Ms. Dedra Carricato
Ms. Kelly Carrico
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Carson
Ms. Dorothy Caskey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Castner
Ms. Laura L. Cates
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Cecil
Ms. Emily Chandler
Ms. Sue T. Chapman
Chenoweth Animal Hospital, PLLC
Church on the Rock
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark, IV
Ms. Leigh W. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William U. Clarke
Ms. Elizabeth Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Clay
Ms. Elizabeth Cody
Mr. and Mrs. David Coffey
Mrs. Barbara Collins
Mr. Don Collins and Family
Mrs. Chenault M. Conway
Dr. Judith L. Cooke and Dr. Michael Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Cooper
Mr. Everett Coots
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Corbett, Jr.
The Rev. Canon Amy Real Coultas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Coy
Drs. Aaron and Jennifer Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Crane
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. William Creason
Mrs. Margaret Cregor and Mr. Cyrus S. Radford
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Crenshaw
Ms. Lona P. Crockett
Ms. Kayla Cromeenes
Carol A. Crossman & Brooke A. Miller
Ms. Sarah Lynn Cunningham
Ms. Nancy Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. S. Gordon Dabney
Mr. and Mrs. S. Gordon Dabney, Jr.
Mr. John C. Danesi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Daniels
Mr. Michael Darwish
Ms. Vicky Daugherty
Ms. Danielle Daunhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Davis, III
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Davis
Ms. Wilma J. Davis
Ms. Hailey M. Dawes
Ms. Bettina Decker
Deming, Malone, Livesay & Ostroff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dennis
Ms. Abby Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Derrick
Mr. George C. Dick
Dr. and Mrs. John Dimar
Mrs. Jane Disney
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Doheny, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Dolwick
Ms. Brenda S. Donahue
Ms. Sandy Donnelly
Ms. Kathy Dreyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duane and Family
Ms. Jessica Dubay
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Duggins
Ms. Patricia M. Duggins
Ms. Melanie Duke
Ms. Wendy Duke
Mr. Austin Dukes
Mr. Gideon Dunster
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Duvall
Ms. Mary Ann Eaglin
Mr. and Mrs. William Earley
Ms. Tracy Eckersley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Edelen
Ms. Rose N. Edmiston
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Egan
Mr. Alan Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Emmerich
Mrs. Harriet Engelhard
Epic Insurance Solutions, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Epperson
Mr. Robert Ernst
Ms. Lindsey Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Evans
Mrs. Caroline M. Ewing
Excelsior Video & D J Service, Inc.
Fawbush Auto Brokers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fee
Ms. Chasta Feller
Ms. Claire Felsen
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ferguson
Ms. Nancy Fischer
Mr. Guy Fissel
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fleischaker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Folks
Ms. Angela Foote and Mr. Steven J. Birchler
Mr. Larry W. Ford
Ms. Patti Ford
Ms. Cheryl Franck
Mr. Michael B. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Freiberger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. French
Frontier Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Tiffany Gardner
Mrs. Jeanne Garrett
Barbara and Mike Garvey
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Garvey
Ms. Anna V. Gass
Mr. Harold J. Gast, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Gates, Jr.
Ms. Kristina Gerard
Ms. Theresa M. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilliland
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Gillis
Give With Liberty Employee Donations
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Glasscock
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Gleason
Mr. Joe Gomez
Mrs. Connie Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gordon
Grand Chapter of KY OES
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Grant
Ms. Nancy Grant
Great American Insurance Group
Mrs. Tara Green
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Greenwell
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Grider
Mr. James Louis Gries
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Grimes
Ms. Jeanne Marie Groene
Mr. Jay B. Gulick, Jr.
Ms. Sandal H. Gulick
Mr. Thomas E. Gutgsell
Mr. Israel Gutierrez
Mr. Duran Hall
Mr. Rick Hall
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Halwig
Mrs. Gayle Hamilton
Ms. June Hampe
Mr. Justin Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. William Hancock, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Hanka
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hardy
Mrs. Bethany Hatfield
Mr. Jesse Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Helm, Sr.
Ms. Jennifer Helton
Ms. Janet Henderson
Ms. Pamela Hendrickson
Mr. C. Gregory Henes and Ms. Elizabeth Bernstrom
Mr. Scott A. Herrmann
Ms. Marie B. Hertzman
Ms. Robyn Roser Hervol
Mrs. Sonia G. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Hettel
Mr. John Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Hobgood
Mr. David Hock
Mrs. Jackie L. Holzknecht
Hookeye Marketing
Mr. Kyle Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hudson
Mr. Charles Hughes
Hummel Coan Miller Sage & Rose LLC
Mr. Daniel A. Huneke
Ms. Jennifer Hunt
Dr. Heather Huxol
Mr. and Mrs. David Hyman
iap Consultants, LLC
Ms. Narada James
Ms. Barbara A. Janousek
JCPenney – Mall, St. Matthews
Jefferson County Circuit and Family Court Judges
Ms. Julie Lee Jenkins
Ms. Amanda Jennings
Jerry Heston Hairdressing
Mr. Nicholas Johnson
Mr. Terrence Johnson
Ms. Joyce Joll
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jolly
Mr. Andrew F. Jones
Mrs. Angela Jones
Ms. Linda Jones
Ms. Sondra Jones
Ms. Tamara Jones
Mr. Armand Judah
Mr. J. W. Jumpp, Sr.
Junior League of Louisville
K & I Four Wheelers, Inc.
Mr. Charles Kampschaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Katz
Mr. Joseph B. Keene
Mr. Bruce J. Kempf
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kennedy
Ms. Robin Keown
Ms. Jessica Kingsley
Mr. Robert L. Kirkpatrick, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirschbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Kleier
Mr. Mike Kleier
Cmdr. Patrick J. Klinker
Ms. Carol Kloenne
Janet Knaster
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kommor
Mr. G. Earl Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Krohn
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kueber
Mr. Martin J. Lally
Ms. Laura Lambert
Ms. Julie Lander
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lavin
Ms. R. Gwyn Lavin
Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. John Layer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Leezer
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lega
Mrs. Anne A. Lewis
Mr. Cory Linn
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Louis
Lubrizol, Temprite Division
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Lyles
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Lynch
Mr. Steven Lyverse
Ms. Heather Marcus
Ms. Kylee Marcy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marlow
Ms. Peggy Marr
Ms. Helen L. Martin
Nicole Martin
Ms. MaryJane Marty and Mr. Steve Grider
Mr. and Mrs. Max C. Mason, Jr.
Ms. Janet L. Mattern
Mr. Dale Mattingly
Ms. Ivana Mattingly
Mr. Paul Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mattingly, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mayes
Ms. Natasha Maze
Mr. David J. Mazzoni
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mazzoni
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Mazzoni
Ms. Rosemary McCandless
Mr. and Mrs. David W. McDonald
Mrs. Susan H. McGavic
Mr. and Mrs. Ed McGill
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cole
Ms. Betty McLimore
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Meko
Ms. Sarah Merlano
Ms. Dottie Meyer
Mile High United Way
Mrs. Ashley Miller
Ms. Jessica Miller
Mrs. Sheila Miskuf
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Moody
Ms. Valerie Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Morgan
Mr. Brooks A. Mostue
MSD Main Office Employees Association
Ms. Cheryl Mudd
Ms. Debbie Mudd
Mrs. Evelyn Mudd
Ms. Lila Mularoni
Mr. John Nagy and Mr. Ben Foster and Families
Ms. Christina Natale
Dr. Ali V. Navigar
NBI, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Neat
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Nethery
Neutz & Tudor Automotive Specialists
Mr. and Mrs. Garry R. Newby
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Nicholson, D.M.D.
Mr. Gouverneur H. Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Quinn M. Nockerts
Mr. Rick Nord
Mr. Thomas C. Nugent, III
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Obergefell
Mr. Earnest F. Oblander
Ms. Patricia J. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Oetken
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Oliver
Ms. Hannah Oliver
Mr. Paul W. Olliges
Mrs. Cindy Orem
Ms. Lynn Ott
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Mr. and Mrs. James Pack
Mr. and Mrs. Devon Pack
Mr. Darrell Parker and Family
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Parris
Ms. Nancy L. Pearcy
Mr. Nick Peay
Ms. Sally Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Peyton
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pfister
Mr. Arthur L. Pickens
Ms. Danielle Pikes
Ms. Allison Pogue
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Potter
Ms. Theresa L. Potter
Preston Street Poultry, Inc.
Mr. Phillip B. Price
Ms. September Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pullen
Mr. Pip Pullen
MJ Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Raddish
Mr. Edwin Randle and Family
Mr. Steven Ranger
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Redding
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Reed
Ms. Kelsey Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Rein
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Reverman, Jr.
Mr. Taylor W. Rice
Mrs. Kay Richard
Mr. N.T. Ricker
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ritz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Robinson
Rodes For Him For Her
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ronald
Mr. Paul Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Roth, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Rothrock
Mr. John P. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Rutledge, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sachs
Mrs. Karen Salisbury
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Sanderlin
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Sanz
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sappenfield
Schiller Barnes Maloney
Ms. Lee SchmidMr. Jeff Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schroeder
Ms. Elizabeth Scott
Ms. Renee Scott
Scottsburg Family Healthcare, Inc.
Ms. Joann Seitz
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Seiz
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Serey
Ms. Tracy Shaughnessy
Ms. Gloria Shirley
Dr. and Mrs. Robb R. Shrader
Sign-A-Rama Downtown
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sinai
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sinnott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sizemore
Ms. Sharon Small
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Ms. Gayle M. Smith
Ms. Kathryn Smith
Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Snyder
Mr. Steven Snyder
South Louisville Pediatrics
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Spayd
Ms. Kristin Speerbrecker
Sports & Social Club
Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Springfield
Mrs. Rachel Stack
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stark
Ms. Amelia Starr
Mr. Donald Stauble
Ms. Molly Stella
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Stengel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Stopher
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stottmann
Mr. Gregory Stowers
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Strickler, III
Ms. Allyson Sturgeon
Mr. Christopher T. Sturgeon
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Sturgeon
Mrs. Catherine S. Sullivan
Sulphur Christian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Surplus
Tachau Meek PLC
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tafel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Taylor, Jr.
Mrs. Rose Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Taylor
Ms. Margaret Tedder
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Theiss
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Theurer
Mr. Carl Thomas
Mrs. Ella Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Tobin M. Thomas
Mr. James Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Thompson
Ms. Ellen M. Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tinsley
Mr. Marty E. Tittlebaum
Tomkins Gates Foundation
Toys R Us Matching Gifts
Travelers Protective Association
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Troutman
Ms. Deanna M. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Turner
Mr. Todd Turner
Mr. Robert C. Tway, III
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Tyler
UAW/Ford Louisville Assembly Plant
Ultimate Software
United Way Of Central Ohio
United Way Of Greater Cincinnati
United Way Of Greater Kansas City
United Way of Greater Lorain County
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
United Way Suncoast
Ms. Greeta J. VanDeHoef
Mrs. Mary Vanderpool
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Vaught
Ms. Susan Veech
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Vessels
Ms. Mary Lawrence Vieth
Mr. Larry Vincent
Vintage Printing and Distribution Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Vize
Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Vukcevich
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wafford
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wall
Mr. John Walsh
Mr. Todd Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wartman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Wathen
Ms. Patricia Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Weidner
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Weinberg
Mrs. Beth Welch
Mrs. Edith M. Wells
Ms. Sheila Wentland
Mr. and Mrs. William West
Mr. Walter West
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Whelan
Ms. Julie White
Ms. Meg White
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Wilbar
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Williams
TSgt and Mrs. Ernest D. Wilson (Ret.)
Rev. and Mrs. James B. Wilson
Winebrenner Financial Services, Inc.
Mr. Zachary Wohl
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Wolford
Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Wood
Mr. Michael J. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Wooldridge
Ms. Jordan Wright
Ms. Karen Hoffman Wunderlin
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Wymer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zaremba
Mrs. Michelle Zutterman