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Transition to Independence Program at the Cralle Day House
(formerly the Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program)


The Home provides young women, ages 15-18 and including pregnant and parenting girls, a residential program that offers them independent living skills. 

The young women reside at the Cralle Day House on Home of the Innocents’ campus. Each individual is referred by DCBS, DJJ or Impact Plus.   

The program is staffed with a Program Supervisor, Clinical Specialist, Independent Living Coordinator, Independent Living Instructor and Resident Counselors who are assigned as mentors for each resident. They help the girls with their individual needs regarding parenting and life skills. The girls’ daily schedules are structured but not too rigid.


There are required classes, groups and activities, including:

• Parenting & Prenatal Groups
• Weekly House Meetings
• Weekly Group: Ladies with Pride
• Life Skills & Independent Living Classes
• Age specific support groups and groups for teens with drug addictions
• Cooking & Nutrition Class
• Individual Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Recreational Activities 

Individual Treatment Plans are created for each resident with specific goals to achieve, as well as a discharge plan to meet their needs.

For more information, contact the Program Supervisor, Ms. Ravena Lloyd at 502.596.1235 or Independent Living Coordinator Theresa Gilbert at 502.596.1236 for more information. For all inquiries and referrals, call the Intake Coordinator at 502.596.1221.


Become a Foster Parent
Foster parenting classes will be starting soon.  For more information or to enroll in the class, please call 502.596.1313.

Cralle Day House for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
1020 East Market Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
502.596.1240 Phone
502.596.1440 Fax

Cralle Day House for Pregnant and Parenting Teens:
502.596.1221 Phone
502.596.1400 Fax


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