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Community Based Services 

Strengthening the lives of children and families in your community.

Community Based Behavioral Health Services

The Community Based Behavioral Health Services program offers hope to children who have mental health and behavioral needs.  The program teams family, community supports and providers to stabilize the child’s behaviors so they can remain in their homes.

Targeted Case Management services assist the recipient with a severe emotional disability in accessing the needed medical, social, educational, developmental and other support services available in his or her community.

Individual therapy, Family therapy, Collateral therapy, Group therapy are therapy services provided face to face in community settings with an eligible recipient. The treatment and interventions are focused on the goals and objectives found in the eligible recipient's Collaborative Service Plan.  These goals are created by caregivers, child, therapist and other supportive people in child’s life. For in-clinic behavioral health services, see Psychological Services.

Comprehensive Community Support Services is a service that assists the eligible recipient or his or her family in understanding, treating, identifying or coping with the recipient's behavioral health disorder. This service can take on many roles and functions, such as monitoring a recipient's progress toward transition, assisting with the development of skills, training in behavior management skills, providing in-home support, training a parent or guardian, and mentoring of the recipient.

Service Area/Counties

Jefferson/Salt River – Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble

Lincoln Trail – Breckenridge, Grayson, Hardin, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, Washington

To learn more about our Community Based Behavioral Health Services Program, or to make a referral, please call 502.596.1246.

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Michelle P. Waiver Services

Michelle P. Waiver Services focus on Person Centered Services for children with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Initial approval for the waiver is completed thru Seven Counties Services. The Participant Directed Services (PDS) program is based upon the principles of Self-Determination and Person-Centered Planning. A person-centered system acknowledges the role of participants, families, guardians, or representatives in planning for the participant who may need assistance in making informed decisions. The principles and tools of Self-Determination are used to assist participants in the creation of meaningful, culturally appropriate lives within their community in which they can develop relationships, learn, work and earn income, and actively participate in community life.  Services are provided to recipients receiving traditional and blended services. We do not provide services for recipients utilizing CDO to manage waiver funds.

MPW Case Management consists of coordinating the delivery of direct and indirect services to a Michelle P. waiver recipient. The case manager arranges for a service but does not provide a service directly, has a monthly visit with the Michelle P. recipient at their home or the day training provider’s location. The case manager assures that service delivery is in accordance with a Michelle P. waiver recipient’s plan of care and helps to determine the amount, frequency, and duration of services within that plan. 

MPW Behavior Support is a service with systematic application of techniques and methods to influence or change a behavior in a desired way. Behavior Supports must be provided to assist the Michelle P. waiver recipient to learn new behaviors that are directly related to existing challenging behaviors or functionally equivalent replacement behaviors for identified challenging behaviors. It includes a functional assessment of the Michelle P. waiver recipient’s behavior, which leads to the development of a behavior support plan that addresses a recipient’s maladaptive behaviors and replaces them with adaptive behaviors. Behavior Supports are typically provided for up to 3 hours per week to a Michelle P. waiver recipient.

The Michelle P. Waiver requires “conflict free case management”, meaning an agency who provides case management services to a recipient may not provide any other Michelle P. Waiver services. A client cannot receive both case management and behavior supports thru the Michelle P Waiver at the Home of the Innocents.

To learn more about our Michelle P. Waiver Program, or to make a referral, please call 502.596.1246.


Become a Foster Parent
Foster parenting classes will be starting soon.  For more information or to enroll in the class, please call 502.596.1313.

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